Mint Pass and Ecosystem

The basis of our ecosystem is the Project Maybe Mint Machine (Mint Pass), based on the Ethereum network. One can think about the mint pass as the foundation to all of the collections of various Sci-Fi themes, with the ability to render all different Sci-Fi experiences we plan to release.

Benefits of Holding a Mint Machine

Holding a Mint Machine (Mint Pass) guarantees access to all future Sci-Fi NFT collections. There is not better ways to guarantee priority minting, because normal WL for each Sci-Fi NFT collections are over-allocated.

More importantly, Mint Machine holders have special perks like pricing and priority mint for all future collections, including the "Time is Running Out" collection.

  • Gold Mint Machines (Rare) - Top Tier 1 discounts and number of mint allowed, Guaranteed Rare for Future Collections

  • Dark Mint Machines (Normal) - Tier 2 discounts and number of mint allowed

The definition of Tier 1 and Tier 2 varies for each Sci-Fi Collection. Specifically for the "Time is Running Out" Collection, each Mint Machine you hold have the following perks:

  • Gold Mint Machines (Rare) - 2X FREE Mint of "Time is Running Out", Guaranteed Rare Mint

  • Dark Mint Machine (Normal) - 1X FREE Mint of "Time is Running Out", Random Rarity

  • Non Mint Machine Holders - 0.02 ETH Mint Price, Random Rarity

Special raffles are held weekly for holders, including cryptocurrencies, Mint Passes, additional free mint of future projects, utility tokens of other projects with special utiltiies, and etc!

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