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Minting of TIRO

Minting of "Time is Running Out" (TIRO) Collection

With the unique value proposition of the project and community support, we are hopeful in minting 1,111 supply of TIROs with our Mint Pass holders, whitelist, and public by the end of October. This is the first milestone of the TIRO project to sell out TIRO.
While the the price and supply of TIROs is sill TBD at the moment, holding Mint Machine (Mint Pass) entitles to special discounts and priority for TIROs over normal whitelists.
  • Gold Mint Machines (Rare) - 2X FREE Mint of "Time is Running Out", Guaranteed Rare Mint
  • Dark Mint Machine (Normal) - 1X FREE Mint of "Time is Running Out", Random Rarity
  • Non Mint Machine Holders - 0.02 ETH Mint Price, Random Rarity
Holding a Mint Machine (Gold and Dark) also get priority to mint TIRO before WL, and therefore before public as well. WL is also over-allocated, so getting a Mint Machine is the ONLY WAY to guarantee minting the TIROs! Get a Mint Machine on Opensea now!