Mint Machine (Mint Pass) was sold out on September 2022. Holding a Mint Machine gets your special perks with all Sci-Fi collections released by Project Maybe.

Project Maybe plan to launch a new Sci-Fi NFT collection every quarter, each with their own Sci-Fi Theme. The Sci-Fi theme of each subsequent project will be voted by the holders of the Mint Machine. Also, we plan to work on new features for each projects so that we are up-to-date on the different utilities that's in demand by the NFT market!

The first Sci-Fi NFT collection we are launching is "Time is Running Out" (TIRO). It is a time traveling NFT collection expected to launch in Q4 2022. All features of the collection is related to time travel, including a staking mechanism, dynamic NFT art that changes over time, online game release, and Time Machine Metaverse build. This is our flagship Sci-Fi project that will show our community the quality of NFTs that Project Maybe will and are capable of releasing.

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