Time travel has been widely adopted since its invention in 2030. $HIGGS, also known as the “God’s Particle”, is a limited element that regulates time to move forward. It can also be burned to travel forward or backward on the timeline.

By Year 2060, $HIGGS is nearly depleted because of time traveling. This leads to an instability in spacetime and the particles for all organisms. The majority of humans are fading as their particles vibrate excessively, and vanish within a few weeks. Time is running out for mankind!

TIROs, human clones led by a group of scientists in Year 2060, attempts to restore the normal aging timeline by traveling to Year 2030 and bringing back $HIGGS to replenish its supplies in 2060. They also informed some of their old selves in Year 2030 about time travel and $HIGGS. This was how the time machine was invented…

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