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dNFT, Staking, Upgrade

Dynamic NFT (dNFT) and Staking

The "Time is Running Out" (TIRO) collection is built based on the a Dynamic NFT technology implemented on the blockchain. The NFT art and metadata changes depending on the interaction between the holder and the NFT, transforming to and from various NFT states.

dNFT State 1

When first minted, TIROs are in its original state in Year 2060, where they are still getting debriefed on the mission and they have not been deployed on time traveling mission yet.

dNFT state 2

TIROs will join the time traveling mission to Year 2030 in order to replenish the supply of $HIGGS in Year 2060 and save the world. However, when time traveling, the particles of TIROs becomes volatile and time glow could appears. Therefore, time traveling TIROs are in its state 2 with time glow appearance. TIROs can only time travel when they are staked.

dNFT state 3

$HIGGS is not only useful for time travel. Technologies also found its use case in enhancing certain abilities of human to Superhuman.
As TIROs are on their mission, they can take time pills to further improve their ability and appearance. This is state 3 of the TIRO, where owner of TIROs can choose the type of ability to enhance and its new appearance on the art. This is also extremely important as different abilities gets different advantages in the online game that will be under development.


$HIGGS is vital to the universe to regulate time to move forward in the world. The goal of TIROs is to restore normality in 2060 for mankind by time traveling to 2030 and mine $HIGGS. Each TIROs is rewarded [redacted] each day by staking the NFT into their mission time traveling to 2030.
More details of $HIGGS distribution and instruction for staking is still in the works as the time traveling mission has not begun yet. Stay tuned as this is expected in November 2022!
Note that $HIGGS can only be rewarded by staking the TIROs and any future Sci-Fi NFT collections. To clarify, the Mint Machine does not distribute $HIGGS, it is only used for guarantee access and discounts for all future collections including the TIROs.


TIROs can withdraw from the time travel mission at anytime and therefore unstake. However, their art appearance will also change in our Dynamic NFT technology.